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Our tattoo parlor is already a cult place on the map of Szczecin.

We are a private studio. We have been on the stage for 7 years under the name Sorry Mom. Earlier, working on our own, we met in this place to create wonderful tattoos for you. After crossing the thresholds of our studio, you will feel good and comfortable, because your satisfaction is our priority! We are a collective of artists working in the full spectrum of tattoos. Each client is treated individually, they can count on reliable advice and help in choosing the right pattern.

We have a family atmosphere, and our artists create a harmonious team. Qualified staff of artists will make you feel like in a warm and homely atmosphere. Everyone specializes in a different field, which is why tattoos are so varied. We complement each other graphically, so we are able to make any tattoo that the client dreams of. We have been cooperating with each other for many years. We value creativity, our motto is quality and customer satisfaction. Our team consists of experienced and creative artists, each pattern made by us is refined with particular accuracy. We will meet difficult and very demanding challenges.

A rotation is a popular trend nowadays. There are tattoo shops where employees come and go. We do not have and will never stand for such solutions. We have no employee turnover, a tattoo salon is not a quick-service bar. It is quality not quantity that matters – just like in projects. We treat our work with passion, which is why, as a team, we have been together under the same banner for so many years.

We invite all clients to our headquarters, at the Szczecin boulevards, in a very intimate district of the old town. Our parlour is spacious and comfortable, equipped with all necessary equipment for the convenience of the client. The studio is modernly equipped with comfortable stuff, and the workstation with top-class tools. We want our clients to feel safe, which is why we only use branded, disposable treatment tools. After the treatment, clients receive reliable information on tattoo aftercare and support in the form of consultations.

Remember – imagination is the only limit. Check us out!

about us

Our team


My name is Tomasz. I discovered a passion for handicrafts during my  childhood. I graduated from the WSSU and the Academy of Art. I  have been in the tattoo industry for over a decade. I discovered a trend that gives me the biggest joy and  I fulfill myself by implementing projects on  surrealism with  graphic elements.


My name is Klaudia, for all my life I knew, that one day I would hurt people for money :). I inherited the passion for art in  my genes and started practicing on my own quite quickly. Not counting the basement beginnings, I have been tattooing for about 5 years. I started with an old school which is deeply rooted in my heart, but I try not to limit myself and  broaden my horizons. At the moment – the more blackness and  darkness – the better!. I like challenges a lot and always try to keep an open mind to your new crazy ideas. Privately? I love toasts, computer games and raising wild animals, (and also kill plants in  the studio).


Hi, I am Natalia, but friends and  family call me… also Natalia! I have been tattooing professionally since 2017, and if I were to count sofa hits, I would easily add 5 years. My hobby is collecting weeds, crystals and  strange things. Working as a tattoo artist is a dream come true. Traveling and  cooperating with  amazing artists, makes me want to improve the quality of my works  and meet the expectations of my clients  that goes in  line with my aesthetics. .


My name is Radek, I come from the planet Earth  and I have peaceful intentions. Fantastic realism, graphic tattoo are the styles in  which I specialize. I will hurt you, but  gently. I have graduated in Academy of Art and  have been tattooing since 2013.


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