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The essential knowledge about tattooing in a nutshell.

Frequently asked questions – our usually given answers

FAQ - what do you aks?

In the studio you will meet with the professional service at the highest level. We apply ourselves to work because it gives us a great pleasure.

Regularly improving our skills, and every customer is treated individually. We provide reliable advice and help in choosing the right pattern. We design unique, individual tattoos.

The studio is modernly equipped with comfortable equipment, and the workstation with top-class tools. We focus on hygiene at the highest level, 100% or nothing. We want our customers to feel safe, which is why we only use disposable tools. Remember we work only on professional, top shelf equipment!


The studio is spacious, we focus on an open, relaxed atmosphere. After the treatment, clients receive reliable information on tattoo care and support in the form of consultations.


Due to the variety and complexity of design ideas each tattoo is priced individually. In fact, during the valuation, we take into account many aspects, such as the amount of time needed to complete, and the type (black and gray / color), size or complexity.

Clients often ask us for all-day sessions. All-day session, as the name suggests – it’s a day in the studio. However, the effective time of (creative) human work is about 5-6 hours. Aside from the extra time to prepare for work – the time it takes to get a tattoo done is roughly that.

We are usually booked out 1 to 2 months in advance. Small or less complicated tattoos are a matter of agreement with the tattoo artist.

For more information, please contact us to discuss the details.

For stationary customers, a free consultation is available at our studio. At Środowa 9 street.

If you want to sign up in our shop, bring materials and digital inspiration with you.

Please do not print the designs, as each tattoo must be prepared on the spot. In the studio you will receive information on the price and number of meetings needed to complete your tattoo.

Due to the large number of customers, we only reserve appointments with the deposit.

To sign up for the tattoo, you have to pay a deposit (the amount is determined by the tattoo artist). It is our guarantor, so we ask for thoughtful provisions. Resignation / not showing up = loss of the deposit. However, you can postpone the date of the meeting at least 3 days in advance, in this case the deposit remains. If the customer fails to arrive on time without notice, the down payment is forfeited. If the customer informs about the inability to appear on the tattoo day, the deposit will also be forfeited. If during the cooperation at the design stage the client resigns. The down payment is also forfeited. Booking an appointment is also a reservation of our time.

These are our conditions and requirements. By signing up for an appointment in our studio – you agree to our terms.

Foreign customers are asked to contact us in advance to arrange the details and make an depositpayment to the account specific number.

We ask that clients come to the treatment refreshed, after a hearty meal rich in carbohydrates.

The time of tattooing is not precisely defined, so we suggest that you do not plan other activities on the tattoo day.

Before coming to the studio, you are asked for personal hygiene and punctuality, as well as carefully selecting a possible accompanying person. It is not recommended to bring kids.

Each tattoo affects the structure of the skin, so it should be treated as a wound. When tattoo is done, we put on a dressing, and we suggest you take it off after about 3 hours. The foil should be gently removed, and the fresh tattoo rinsed with cool, running water. Optionally, the skin surface can be washed with a mild, natural hypoallergenic soap.

For the care of a freshly made tattoo, we recommend using preparations compatible with its application. Cosmetics for tattoo care are also available in our shop.

Details on the aftercare can be obtained from your tattoo artist immediately after the procedure.

A neglected tattoo is the bane of tattooed people. We do not recommend testing “what will be”, but we recommend cultivating it with the utmost care. Remember, we have only one life!

Even on the day of the tattoo, symptoms of fever may appear. It is optional, we have noticed such cases, the body defends itself by raising the temperature a bit. Paracetamol should be good.

In the following days, the tattoo will start the process of peeling the epidermis – this is normal, don’t worry. Wash the fresh tattoo in your spare time. It is normal to feel itchy, but beware of scratching – it can mechanically damage the tattoo.

The healed tattoo should be smooth and without shine. This may take a week to a month.

Remember – we are no doctors! Our advices are based on many years of observation and customer feedback. If for any reason your body is behaving “strange” or if you have concerns, please text us or visit a dermatologist.